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     Conchologia Ingrata is intended to be an outlet for papers that may be of interest to some malacologists and conchologists but which may not be entirely suitable for a scientific journal. Space in such journals is limited and expensive, both to produce and to obtain. All Conchologia Ingrata papers go through some form of review.

     It is expected that even with the many works being made available on-line that there may still be certain papers that can be reproduced and made available in Conchologia Ingrata such as the reprint of Lamarck’s 1816 Liste.
     All Conchologia Ingrata issues are produced in hard copy as well as in .pdf form. Distributing hard copies of small papers is prohibitive with postage rates being so high and a .pdf can be downloaded and printed for much less than one can be transmitted any other way. Issues in .pdf form can be downloaded here without charge and links to them may be placed on other web sites or distributed to interested parties. However, they may not be reproduced in hard copy for sale.

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1 July 01, 2008

ICZN Article 9.1 - Why? [by Richard E. Petit]

The inability to uncover the reason for this Article is discussed as are some of its ramifications.

2 February 10, 2009

The distressing case of Polyhomoa itoi Azuma, 1949 and Kyidris mutica Brown, 1949. [by Richard E. Petit & Paul Callomon]

This is not a mollusk paper but an example of the extreme to which one systematist went to attempt to preserve one of his names for a species over an earlier name with clear priority.

3 November 01, 2011

Reprint of Lamarck's 1816 "Liste des objets". [by Richard E. Petit]


This is a reprint of the 23rd Part of the Tableau encyclopédie et methodique de trois règnes de la nature. Vers, coquilles, mollusques et polypiers in which Lamarck named figures on plates that had not previously been named. This Part 23 is often lacking in otherwise complete sets.

4 November 22, 2011

A review of Rare and Unusual Shells of the Florida Keys and Adjacent Areas by Edward J. Petuch and Dennis M. Sargent, 2011.  [by Richard E. Petit]

A review of a seemingly hastily written and produced book in which several new species are introduced.

5 December 16, 2011

A name too far!  [by Richard E. Petit & John K. Tucker]

A review and critique of a paper on Conus  by R. M. Filmer. [by Richard E. Petit & John K. Tucker]

6 January 04, 2012

Index to mollusks in Tableau Encyclopédique et Méthodique. part 23, pls. 391-488 by J.B.P.A. Lamarck. [by Akihiko Matsukuma]

An index to Lamarck's 1816 Liste which was reprinted in Conchologia Ingrata No. 3.

7 February 15, 2012

Notes on P. P. Carpenter's 1857 "Mazatlan Catalogue" [by Richard E. Petit & A. N. van der Bijl]

This book has been the source of conflicting information about editions, dating, publisher and place of publication. This paper provides definitive answers to those questions.

8 March 21, 2012


A review of Rare and Unusual Shells of Southern Florida (Mainland, Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas) by Edward J. Petuch and Dennis M. Sargent. [by Richard E. Petit]


A review of a "second edition" of the work reviewed in Conchologia Ingrata No. 4.

9 August 01, 2012

A critique of, and errata for, Recent Cancellariidae by Jens Hemmen, 2007. [by Richard E. Petit]

A general critique of the book with detailed corrections to enable the book to be more useful.

10 August 30, 2012

Bad Books - I [by Richard E. Petit]

The first in a planned series on types of books being advertised on the web that have misleading titles.

11 August 30, 2012

Bad Books - II [by Richard E. Petit]

The second in a series, treating books of a different type than tghose discussed in the earlier paper.

12 January 04, 2013

Bad Books - III [by Richard E. Petit]

The third in a series of books that are not what they appear to be in advertisements.

13 June 04, 2013

A review of Biogeography and biodiversity of western Atlantic mollusks by Edward J. Petuch. [by Richard E. Petit]

A detailed review of the methodology used in defining provinces and subprovinces with comments on some of the taxa involved. Some of the new taxa introduced are also discussed.

14 October 23, 2013

Emanuel Mendes da Costa's Conchology, or natural history of shells, a non-binominal work. [by Richard E. Petit]

A discussion of  names improperly attributed to  this rare book.

15 December 06, 2013

The Noodt 1819 edition of Röding's 1798 Museum Boltenianum [by Richard E. Petit]

 The Röding species made available by Noodt in 1819 are discussed. The 4 plates in Noodt's rare work are  reproduced.

16 July 31, 2014

Conchologia Gratissima: Remembering Dick Petit

Dick's friends and colleagues reminisce

We regret to announce that Mr. R. E. Petit passed away on December 31st, 2013.